jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

My daily routine

I wake up at 7:00 am. I always take a shower after getting up. I brush my teeth Then I clean the house and I wash the dishes.  usually do my homework and study from 10: 00 o'clock until 11:30. I take my lunch at 12:00pm... 

then i say good bye to my mom and always i kiss her in the chest. 
In the afternoon, I always go to college.I often greet my friends and listen to the 
class. I come back to  home in the bus, i take the bus at 5:15 o'clock.After college I sometimes go shopping or just walk around the town for a while. 

When I get home i take the dinner at 7:00pm frequently.At dinner we discuss what happened during the day and catch up with each others' lives. 
After I like to relax for some time I listen to the radio, watch television, and maybe get a little snack. Then I start my homework or help with some housework. 
When i don't have anything more to do, i go to the bed at 10:00pm after watch the novel in the television. 

It seems my life is always very full of activities and obligations so I never have much time for myself.

Live your life with joy!


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