jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Furniture in the rooms

The bedroom

There are two beds, under the beds thera are two lockers. On the lockers there are a vase, with plants inside. Next to the bed (on the right) there is another locker, on the locker there is a lamp.In the wall there is a big picture of a lake.  The room really does have a wonderful airy light feel to it.

The Kitchen

There is a stove, we have two stove, there is a gas stove and there is a electric stove. Next to the kitchen we have a refrigerator. In front of the refrigerator there is a table, the dinner table.There is a sink, i wash the dishes in the sink. The kitchen also includes  additional cabinets, and direct serving access to the dining room. All kitchen cabinets are upgraded cherry, counter surfaces are granite. In the roof, there is a lamp. 

The bathroom

I would describe the bathroom as more of a large closet. In the bathroom there is a stove and there is a shower. In front of the shower there is a curtain shower. Next to the toilet there is a sink. The decoration is White and silver with vines painted on the walls around the top.

The living room

The living room is really large. In my living room there is a sofa set, there is a computer, There is a tv, a shoe rack in the corner near the entrance, a built in show case, a small bookcase. And there are many rugs to cover as much of the bland tan carpet as possible. Next to the living room, there is a dining room, in the dining room there is a table with four chairs... 

Live your life with joy!


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